北加州台灣工商會(TACCNC)多年來扮演者台灣商界在北加州的一個交通平台。在三十餘位熱心會友努力一下” 北加州台灣工商會”終於在1988年4月14日成立。 會員中包裹各種商業,科技,進出口業,製造業,會計,律師,零售批發業,財經等行業的專業人士。多年來商會通過會議設立的市場推動商業精營訓練課程,開創了許多成功的商機,同時工商會建立的一個台灣與美國的商業商機橋梁,適期邀請著名商業領導人才報導講解海峽兩岸及美國的最新商業咨詢。

北加州台灣工商會(TACCNC) 不僅促進台灣的經濟繁榮,並且提供會員一個繁榮經濟的紐帶,從活動中增加友誼和了解,同時工商會也促進的本地的商業發展和團結地方商業的力量。

History of TACC-NC

Asia has come of age; and Taiwan is the forefront in the drive to excel in the business world. Taiwan business owners thrive on success which is a key export now firmly planted in Northern California. This wonderful spirit lives and breathes through networking. Our Organization , Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce=Northern California ( TACC-NC ) provides the Northern California Taiwan community with that vibrant network for business owners and professional to discuss local, regional and international issues through our meetings, group trips, and education seminars.

Charles C. Chiang, William Chuang and Winston Chen established TACC-NC in 1988 and set a successful agenda for many years to come. We are honored by their great work. We have period ourseleves on making many contributions to our community, such as marketing and management programs and liaison with key business located in Taiwan, among other rapidly growing economics. We have many key speakers, wonderful social functions, and period organizational meetings. TACC-NC has members whose fields include high tech, import export, manufacturing, accounting, law, retail and wholesale distribution.

We at TACC-NC provides the community with a clear and cogent program of fostering the economic prosperity of Taiwan associated business, aiding in the welfare of our members, the growth of our membership, and enhancing our status in the broader community. TACC-NC networks together local business owners and professions. TACC-NC brings together regional and national figures. TACC-NC speak together one language: Success.