Join membership

Join Membership

1. 個人會員年費 $100)、夫婦會員 (年費$150)及 永久會員 ($1,000)
2. 團體會員 (年費$300)
3. 榮譽會員
第一次申請需另加$50 申請費.


* 凡台美人士贊同本會宗旨,並有正當職業,而具備下列資格之一者,經由會員
1. 在依法設立之工商企業及管理機構中,實際擔任經營及管理責任,並對其事業之政策及作業有全部或部份決定權者
2. 對經營管理具有研究之專家學者
3. 凡個人會員或夫婦會員繳納永久會費,方得為「永久個人會員」或「永久夫婦會員」。

Members Benefits:

1. Connect with other business owners, professionals for resources and expand your network
2. Priority registration period for events
Exclusive free access to member-only events and members gifts
3. Membership discounted ticket pricing for all TACCNC events
Opportunity to participate in TACCNC events & programs to promote your business
4. One membership gives you the privilege as a member of TACCNC’s affiliated organizations in North America ( ) and around the world ( )
5. Opportunity to join all events hosted by TACCNC’s affiliated organizations

**Members Qualification and information:

“Individual Member” – Annual membership $100
“Couple Member”, – Annual membership $150
“Permanent Member” – Annual membership $1,000
“Corporation Group Member” – Annual membership $300
*Additional $50 application fee will be added for 1st time applications.

All Taiwanese and Americans who agree with the purpose of the association, have legitimate occupations, and have one of the following qualifications with the recommendation of the two current members can become an “Individual Member”, “Couple Member” or “Permanent Member” of the Association after passing the initial review and approval by the board of directors and taking an oath.
1. Actual responsibility for operation and management in legally established industrial and commercial enterprises and management institutions, and responsible for their affairs.
Those who have the right to determine all or part of the policies and operations of the industry.
 2. Experts and scholars with research on business management.
 3. Individual members or couple members who pay permanent membership fees can be “permanent individual members” or “permanent couple members”.



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